Monday, 11 July 2016

Next Generation SEO Tips | Advanced SEO Techniques 2016

Next Generation SEO Tips

Search engine optimization (SEO) is becoming more and more important as millions of people use Google to perform search queries every week. Therefore, using the next generation SEO tips below will increase your incoming traffic and conversion rates.

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Infographic pictures have become a standard means of communicating information on the Internet. Infographics are colorful, insightful and even fun. They contain hard facts, high-quality information and eye-catching pictures. Because most people are visual, consider using infographics as the header of in-depth, content-rich articles. Keep in mind that infographics are very sharable and commonly shared through social media platforms.

Mobile Updates
Most companies know that more and more user access the Internet through the smart phone. Google famously penalizes websites that are not mobile-friendly. However, Google is taking this to the next level by penalizing sites that use pop-up ads to ask mobile users if they want to install an app. These annoying app install ads are universally loathed by mobile phone users. To be sure, shrewd marketing experts will continue to create invasive and aggressive mobile ads. However, companies need to monitor industry trends in order to provide the most user-friendly experience.

Improved Landing Pages
The goal of marketing, advertising and SEO techniques is to attract visitors to the target website. However, if the landing page isn’t properly designed, then the sales funnel has a problem. Therefore, the most effective landing pages will successfully initiate contact and potential conversions. The goal could be anything from selling a service to capturing an email address. However, the call to action must be clear and concise. Therefore, re-design your landing page to include persuasive facts, attractive infographics and easy to read highlights in bullet point form.

Big Data
Major corporations are now relying on big data to revolutionize every aspect of their business through data analytics. Similarly, website owners should also analyze their users’ data in order to understand what matters to them and why. Luckily, there are helpful online services that will help the website owner understand current online trends. For example, Quora allows the user to type in any keyword in order to see what popular topics people are talking about. As a result, website owners can create the most engaging content that is currently meaningful to online users.

Site Framework Audit
Every online company not only needs to audit their financial books, but also their site framework. This is because a thorough examination of the site’s performance will allow you to correct problems and create new goals. The good news is that there are resources available for website owners to analyze their site. For example, QuickSprout is a popular site performance service that will provide a website analysis of load time, page size and request. It also provides an overall SEO score and speed score. Users can also review their social media status and how their site compares to others. Best of all, the site provides warnings that suggest how to make important improvements, such as revising a heading tag size or length.

Competition Audit
Analyzing competitor websites is an excellent way to find out the most popular live keywords in order to update your site’s content. Free sites, such as SEMrush, allow anyone to enter a website and view detailed information on backlinks, display advertising and organic and searches. It will display the top organic keywords and correlating position distribution.

Overall, every website should stay on the cutting edge of SEO trends and tools. Infographics, mobile friendly updates and improved landing pages will improve SEO results. Additionally, big data and audits are a great way to improve your SEO effectiveness.

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