Monday, 27 January 2020

How to find the real rank of featured snippets

This is a simple URL parameter hack to show the real rank of your featured snippet.

As you know featured snippets are not always the best traffic converting spot because people can get the information they needed without clicking through to your website. If you were to de-optimize you might go in #1 (organic) or #2 but to a way lower rank (#6, #7). So how to find your "real rank"?

Use this hack: add &num=9 in your SERP url, you'll see your real rank.

Here is the explanation: you force the number of results per page to be lower than 10 (it also works with num=8, num=7, etc).

Featured snippets are triggered only for SERP`s of 10+ results.
So the "featured snippet layer" is disabled, so the non-snippet rankings are shown.

You can read peoples feedback on this trick on Kevin Richards Twitter

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